The current speed of transformation requires that employees need to be trained continuously in order for organizations to avoid the dangers of being out-thought and out-maneuvered by competitors.

A poorly educated workforce results in a decreased level of productivity and reduces their ability to deliver results. Ignorant and poorly skilled staff can’t (or at least shouldn’t) be promoted — since they don’t have the appropriate skills to help their company reach its business objectives.
Ideally, every company should have a plan in place for each of its employees.

This plan should set out career development paths and the required training programmes that will enable the employees to develop the necessary knowledge and skills.

CIS Academy will be providing a wide range of corporate learning solutions to assist individuals to start a new career through short-term training, certification preparation, and career readiness. We prepare individuals for careers in high-demand industries with long-term growth potential.

We believe that developing a business mindset is a powerful skill set that an individual can possess in the fast-changing times that we live in. That can be done through proper education, continuous learning and experience that can lead you to success.

We are here not only to motivate you but also to help you acquire the required knowledge to achieve your goals.

I am optimistic that CIS Academy training programmes will transform performance and contribute significantly to boosting efficiency and effectiveness at the workplace in accordance with global best practices.

I hope you will take advantage of our training programmes.

Josiah Akerewusi, FCS
Registrar & Chief Executive
Chartered Institute of Stockbrokers

To practice investment and stockbroking in Nigeria, you need to be a CIS Associate or Fellow.

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