Life Membership Policy

Council approved a new policy on Life Membership for the Institute. The Policy is as stated below:

  • Fellow members of the Institute, who have been in the register of members for a consistent period of 10 years, may apply for life membership.
  • Applicants for Life Membership should pay a sum equivalent to ten (10) years’ cumulative Membership Fee.
  • Membership fees are defined as all approved mandatory annual payments due from a member to the Institute as at the date of the application.
  • However, Fellow members who are sixty-five (65) years old and above in good financial standing as at the time of the application, may pay a lump sum equivalent to 50{f4997a821b7dae67819808a779ac92ab9dbc4adbd3c72d7a636eb4044a74aa5f} of the normal  Life Membership fees.
  • The applicant must be in good financial standing with the Institute as at the time of application.
  • The applicant must have a clean character record with the Institute.
  • Life Membership will be withdrawn from a holder at any time if he/she is indicted of crime or brings the Institute to disrepute in any way.


  • Non-payment of Annual subscription.
  • Being able to practise (if desired) as Stockbroker on the floor of the Nigerian Stock Exchange.
  • Exclusive invitations to attend the entire Institute’s organised events.
  • Insurance benefit opportunity.
To practice investment and stockbroking in Nigeria, you need to be a CIS Associate or Fellow.

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