The Research & Technical (R&T) Department serves as the knowledge hub of the Institute; gathering, processing and disseminating information on the Institute, capital market and the economy, to inform and empower industry practitioners, the investing public, students and policymakers; and to use research to enhance the brand capital of the Institute. R&T strives to create an environment for positive and constructive policy initiation and evaluation for the overall benefit of the Nigerian economy and capital market.

The R&T department is the secretariat of the institute’s Research and Technical Committee. It supports the Principal Officers in making advocacy statements to relevant arms of government. The institute is an active participant in the 10 – year Nigerian Capital Market Masterplan and essentially spearheads the Capital Market Literacy segment.

We work in close collaboration with tertiary institutions and academics in the country to develop effective educational curricula and other teaching aids to propagate capital market and broad-based financial literacy in Nigeria.

The department’s key products and working resources include:

  • The Journal for Securities and Investment Market (JISM)
  • The Nigerian Stockbroker
  • Research Library
  • Conferences and Workshops
  • Research Hub and Media
  • Membership and General Surveys
  • CIS Research Foundation

The Journal for Securities and Investment Market (JISM)

JISM is a deeply research – based publication which probes into, and analyses contemporary issues that impact the present and future performance of the Nigerian economy and capital market. It is authored by highly experienced and accomplished academics and industry practitioners, and written in a manner that is easily understood by the average policy maker and industry professional.

It is a useful reference document for policy and decision makers and open for production grants to sustain it and expand its reach worldwide.

The Nigerian Stockbroker

The Nigerian Stockbroker is the regular information, education and entertainment magazine of the Chartered Institute of Stockbrokers. It is published at least twice every year and features incisive articles from members in various areas of the profession and market. It is written in standard English with attractive graphical and pictorial accompaniment.

The magazine has a very wide readership extending to over 17,000 members and students and other industry practitioners with keen interest in issues around the market. It is therefore highly recommended for corporate advertisers who want to reach the largest possible circle of capital market enthusiasts.

Research Library

CIS has a comprehensively stocked research library with up to date resources, including highly rated books covering all areas of finance as well as inspirational materials. Students and members are welcome to use our library resources.

Conferences and Workshops

Apart from the institute’s Annual Conference which brings together members from all parts of the world every year, R&T also serves as the engine room, developing the template and core working resources for the CIS National Workshop which serves as the frontal advocacy platform to discuss major economic issues in the country. The last Workshop held in Abuja in 2017 was central in formulating solutions that got Nigeria out of economic recession in record time.

Research Hub and Media

The institute actively disseminates enlightening articles and other intellectual materials actively through the mass media. The institute’s website, has a rich research hub where visitors can access a wide range of educational and informative materials about the institute and securities profession. CIS is very active on the social media and can be reached on Facebook, Youtube, linkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter.

Membership and General Surveys

R&T regularly carries out membership and general surveys to gauge the pulse and opinions of stakeholders on happenings around the institute and the securities and investment profession.

CIS Research Foundation

One of the key mandates given to the institute by its enabling law, Act 105 of 1992, is to encourage research into the subject of securities and investment to the extent that Council may from time to time approve. In order to fulfill this mandate and to properly and adequately contribute to the body of knowledge in the industry, the Chartered Institute of Stockbrokers has commenced the process of establishing her research foundation which will be launched in due course.

To practice investment and stockbroking in Nigeria, you need to be a CIS Associate or Fellow.

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