About Research & Technical

The Research & Technical (R&T) Department serves as the knowledge hub of the Institute; gathering, processing and disseminating information on the Institute, capital market and the economy, to inform and empower industry practitioners, the investing public, students and policymakers; and to use research to enhance the brand capital of the Institute. R&T strives to create an environment for positive and constructive policy initiation and evaluation for the overall benefit of the Nigerian economy and capital market.

The R&T department is the secretariat of the institute’s Research and Technical Committee. It supports the Principal Officers in making advocacy statements to relevant arms of government. The institute is an active participant in the 10 – year Nigerian Capital Market Masterplan and essentially spearheads the Capital Market Literacy segment.

We work in close collaboration with tertiary institutions and academics in the country to develop effective educational curricula and other teaching aids to propagate capital market and broad-based financial literacy in Nigeria.

The department’s key products and working resources include:

  • The Journal for Securities and Investment Market (JISM)
  • The Nigerian Stockbroker
  • Research Library
  • Conferences and Workshops
  • Research Hub and Media
  • Membership and General Surveys
  • CIS Research Foundation
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