The Chartered Institute of Stockbrokers is responsible for regulating the practice of stock broking in Nigeria and making sure that standards are maintained in the practice of the profession.

The Institute makes it compulsory for members to continually learn and develop their skills while they work.

In order to assist Members to seek excellence in their professional work, the Institute attaches great importance to Continuing Professional Development “CPD” activities to keep them informed and updated of latest information, happenings and events relevant to their work and the profession.

CIS Members are required to practice strictly within their area of competence and to maintain and enhance this competence. They are expected to keep abreast of developments and knowledge in their areas of expertise in order to maintain their competence and contribute to the advancement of the body of knowledge with which they practice.

Given the rapid development in the securities and investment industry, it is a global recognition that mandatory participation in continuing education and professional development would help to ensure that securities and investment professionals meet up-to-date requirements and catch up with the rapidly changing business landscape and innovation, ethical challenges, complex regulations, globalization and technological advancements through ongoing education and training

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To practice investment and stockbroking in Nigeria, you need to be a CIS Associate or Fellow.

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